Aim and Scope

ISSN:  2327- 0330 (Online)


International Journal of Sustainable Energy and Environment (IJSEE) is peer reviewed, online open journal. It serves as an international archival forum of scholarly research related to International Journal of Sustainable Energy and Environment (IJSEE). International Journal of Sustainable Energy and Environment (IJSEE) is covered all energy and Enviromental related topics such as Green Energy, Green Technology, Fuel cells, Hydrogen energy, Solar energy conversion and photovoltaic, Driving Circuits for Green Energy Systems, Energy gel, Control Techniques for Green Energy Systems, Energy Technology, Grid Interactive Systems Used in Hybrid Green Energy Systems, Wind energy, Waste Energy, Energy Engineering, Hydro energy, Micro- and nano-energy systems and technologies, Bio-fuels and alternatives, Hybrid / integrated energy systems, Energy System, Energy Planning, Energy Policy and Economics, Energy Development, Energy Systems Operation, Energy conversion, Biodiesel, Ethanol, Transparent Energy, Integrated energy systems, Energy conservation, Energy Management, Energy Efficient Buildings, Energy storage, Nuclear Energy, Renewable and Sustainable Energy, Generation of Electric Power, Nuclear Power Issues, Energy monitoring and targeting, Electrochemical energy conversion, Energy-efficient landscaping, Energy statistics, Energy transfer upconversion, Computational Methods for Renewable/Alternative and Sustainable Energy, energy from plants, Machine Learning for Renewable/Alternative Energy Applications, Threshold energy, Renewable/Alternative and Sustainable Energy Design, Energy Savings Plans, Surface energy, Sustainable and Clean Energy Issues, Public Awareness and Education for Renewable/Alternative Energy, Marine Energy, Future Directions for Renewable/Alternative and Sustainable Energy, Energy Efficiency, Energy Reducing Consumption, Energy Security, Energy Sustainability as Related to Energy and Power Production, Energy Distribution, Energy development, Applications for Renewable Energy Sources and Systems, Energy Usage, Hydroelectricity, Energy and sustainable development, Production of Energy Using Green Energy Sources, Applied Energy, Nano Energy, Applications for Alternative Energy Sources and Systems, Thermodynamics, Energy Transformation from Green Energy System to Grid, Energy applications of nanotechnology, Vacuum energy, Novel Energy Conversion Studies for Renewable/Alternative Energy Sources and Systems, Performance Analysis of Renewable/Alternative Energy Systems, Electricity, Electrical Circuits, Natural Gas, Generators, Turbines, Power Plants, Electricity Transmission, Nuclear Energy - Fission and Fusion, Hydro Power, Fossil Fuels, Static Electricity & Resistance, Hybrid for Renewable/Alternative Energy Sources and Systems, Electricity Management, Renewable/ Alternative Energy Research and Applications for Industries, Energy Industry, Electricity Production, Advanced visualization techniques, Energy amplifier, Virtual environments and prototyping, Thermal Energy, Energy Infrastructure Issues, Light Energy, Renewable/Alternative Energy Sources and Systems as Wind Power, Hydropower Energy, Solar Energy, Biomass, Bio-fuel, Geothermal Energy, Wave Energy, Tidal energy, Coal Energy, Hydrogen & Fuel Cells, Li-ion Batteries, Water Energy, Capacitors, Electricity production from Renewable/Alternative energy, Energy Backup and Reuse, Chemical energy, Radiant energy, Sound energy, Mechanical energy, New Trends and Technologies for Renewable/Alternative Energy Sources and Systems, Advance Batteries Energy, Energy Sustainability as Related to Energy and Power Production Distribution and Usage, Science of Energy, Energy and sustainable development, Fossil Energy, Advanced visualization techniques and virtual environments and prototyping, Power Engineering, Policies and strategies for Renewable/Alternative Energy Sources and Systems, Electrical Engineering, Energy for Transportation, Natural Gas Distribution System , Stored Energy & Batteries, Energy management system, Renewable/Alternative Energy Sources and Systems for Electrical Vehicles and Components, Ocean Energy, Artificial Intelligence Studies in Renewable/Alternative Energy Systems,Fermi energy electromagnetic energy, kinetic energy, potential energy, energy transformation, Energy management software, Energy cell, Plant Physiology and Ecophysiology, Environmental Protection and Management, Experimental Design and Sampling, External Marine Study, Biobusiness and Envirnmental Biotechnology, Energy Science and Technology, Environmental impact, Assessment of risks from water, soil and air pollution; effective and viable remedies, Environment and sustainable development Evaluation and management of environmental risk and safety, Environmental education and training, Analysis of contaminants, Multi-media sampling / monitoring such as soil, air, water, waste materials , hazardous materials, sediment. Contaminant source characterization, transport and deposition, Quality control and quality assurance, Biotechnology, Climate Change and Ecological Modeling, Legislative issues and guidelines, Climate change, Plant Biotechnology, Characterization of Energy Efficient Materials, Environmental engineering, Environmental Chemistry, Ecohydrology and Climate Change, Wildlife Ecology, earth and pantry science…  and many more.